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First choice with hemorrhoids is minimally invasive laser therapy LHP®, says Dr Claus Blumber from Lübeck

Claus Blumberg FotoIn an interview: The specialist for surgery and proctology, Dr. med. Claus Blumberg, Lübeck, is specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of haemorrhoids and offers his patients outpatient or inpatient surgical care. Dr. Blumberg's first choice for high-grade haemorrhoids is LHP® laser therapy.

Dr. Blumberg, you're a proctologist, what exactly do you do?
Proctology deals with diseases of the rectum and their prophylaxis. More than half of all adults at some point in their lives suffer from a disease of the rectum, for example haemorrhoids.

With which complaints do your patients come to the consultation?
The symptoms vary, from painful itching, burning and bleeding, to weeping rash, feeling of pressure in the rectum and incontinence. The symptoms usually vary in severity.

What are the causes?
The causes for these complaints are manifold and often not easily recognizable at first. Proctologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of these causes.

What exactly are haemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal pads are responsible for the fine sealing of the anal canal against air and fluids. Hemorrhoidal disease begins when these cushions expand. Habits such as suppressing or forcing the bowel movement, sitting and pressing for long periods of time, but above all pressing for longer, lead to wearing-out of the mucous membrane and dilation of the haemorrhoidal cushions.

Must surgery be performed immediately?
Absolutely not. In a quiet atmosphere I talk to the patients about their complaints, followed by examinations and a precise diagnosis. It is always a special concern of mine to prefer conservative, i.e. non-surgical therapy options to surgery. However, if an operation is necessary, it should be performed as gently as possible.

What is the aim of a therapy?
The aim is always to reduce the vascular padding to a normal size. Various options are available for this, depending on the symptoms and the severity of the haemorrhoidal disease. For smaller haemorrhoidal findings, the rubber band ligature is usually used. With the help of a rubber ring, the lump is tied, atrophied and falls off.

And what about higher grade haemorrhoids?
Our choice falls on the minimally invasive LHP® laser therapy from biolitec®. The haemorrhoids are irradiated from the inside with a centrally emitting laser fiber and thus shrunk in a controlled manner. The sensitive anal mucosa is spared and the sphincter muscle tissue remains undamaged. The LHP® procedure is suitable for 2nd to 4th degree haemorrhoids.

What does minimally invasive mean?
The treating physician can perform the LHP® laser procedure through the smallest openings in the tissue. The less trauma to the body or organs, the better.

Do you recommend outpatient or inpatient treatment?
This depends on the severity of the disease and the general condition of the patient. LHP® laser therapy from biolitec® is designed for outpatient treatment and a quick return to everyday life.

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