biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids: minimally invasive treatment


Hemorrhoids are a taboo. Nobody talks about hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid disorder is unpleasant. It itches, it burns and it hurts.

4 of 5 Britons suffer from the consequences of a disorder of the anus and rectum at least once in their lives.

However: Hemorrhoids are important! Healthy haemorrhoids as vascular pads contribute significantly to the fine closure of the anus. They support the function of the sphincter. In the course of life, however, a large number of people experience enlarged or lowered pads. At an advanced stage, surgery is usually performed, often with excessive hemorrhoid tissue being cut out.

The low-pain treatment of hemorrhoids using laser radiation is a very good alternative to traditional surgical procedures.

Shrinkage or correctioning  

The HeLP® und LHP® laser procedures make new, gentle treatment options available to the treating proctologist or surgeon. The aim of medical treatment is to reduce the blood supply to the diseased hemorrhoids in the long term.